Saturday, 6 July 2013

Le Mecury - a review

When someone recommends a restaurant to you with real enthusiasm you can help but get excited. I hope this is the case anyway or else this renders this blog a bit useless! When I am not writing about food, I am reading about it or my favorite of all, talking about it. A few of my friends trekked up to North London to Angel on a pilgrimage to Le Mercury and came back raving about it. I went along to see for myself.

The premise of Le Mercury is simple. It serves French cuisine of a quality that supersedes it's £8.95 per main course price tag. They don't keep costs down by scrimping on ingredients, you can expect seabass filets or lobster ravioli.The place was packed and is clearly so popular that it has opened a second branch just a few doors down. The roast duck breast on garlic mash I had was cooked perfectly. Sadly the vegetables were burnt and the wine was bitter. The French bread that came was dry and stale

I opted for dark chocolate tart for dessert and wish that I had had the creme brulee which my companions raved about as the tart had a vaguely chemical flavour. We were forgotten about by our waiter on a few occasions despite there being plenty of staff around. We also had to put up with my pet peeve of waiters polishing the cutlery and throwing it into the drawer. There really is no need, it changes the ambience of a romantic French restaurant into that of a school canteen. All in all an average experience.

Timeout gives Le Mercury three stars and I wasn't bowled over either.

Meal for three people with dessert and wine cost £60.

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