Sunday, 5 May 2013

Kosmos Taverna - a review

My sister goes to university in Manchester and so last weekend I went up to visit her. We spent the day in the Trafford Centre. For those who haven't been, the Trafford Centre is an American mall that got lost on its way to Florida. Think vast swathes of Roman-esk marble, peach walls and most bizarre of all, the same pine bench that's in my parents garden was dotted everywhere. Perhaps they got the same deal at a pine dealer operating on the lay by off the A3.

Having eaten a small lunch in the fake cruise ship food court (really) we were hungry. We decided book for dinner at the Alchemist in town. The Alchemist offers an array of interesting cocktails surveyed up in conical flasks and beakers. Thinking that I may as well get some use out of my science GCSE (and the food is meant to be good too) I set about booking. Only they were fully booked. As were 15 other restaurants we tried.

You know how sometimes people exaggerate their stories, I am not joking when I say that every restaurant in Manchester was booked on a Saturday night. I know this because my sister repeatedly called to ask, only to get the giggles at how crazy it was that we couldn't get a reservation. I lie, we were offered one table at 10.45pm. Who eats at that time?!

We decided to give up after half an hour. It was 7pm already and we had toyed with walking to see what was on offer in town. Eventually we sacked off the idea and went to a restaurant right next to her house. Sandwiched between an offie and kebab shop, the Greek Taverna Kosmos, did not look like much from the outside. Situated on one of the more prevalent student  streets, it turned out to be a diamond in the rough.

Reasonably priced, a meal for two came to around £50 including two carafes of wine. The wine wasn't the best but that wasn't expected and didn't stop us finishing it. Student mindset.

We received a warm welcome and were led to our table. The decide was simple if a little tired and the place was packed with diners. Our waiter thought he had sussed us out (two women) and tried to steer us away from filling dishes. We ignored him (politely) and ordered moussaka, lamb meatballs with roasted vegetables and a Greek salad.

 All of it was delicious and plentiful. The moussaka itself was a triumph, layered with sweet potato, auberguines, peppers and a rich white sauce. The only let down was the pitta and houmous. Enough houmous arrived to feed  4 but we were only supplied with one pitta for £4.50. If I had one criticism it would be , be more generous with pitta please. All in all very enjoyable. Bill was made sweeter with a free morsel of honey cake.

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