Saturday, 27 April 2013

Burger and Lobster - a review

I was a lobster virgin before I dined at Burger and Lobster. What better way to spend your first time than with someone who knows what they are doing? There are no menus and no reservations. Automatically you are probably thinking this sounds like a pretentious joint or a PR led hype machine. Let me assure you the decore is as relaxed and low key as Nandos, (though unlike Nandos, here the staff are unfathomably brilliant).

This a restaurant which, funnily enough, is actually about people being relaxed and having a bloody good meal. It was packed and humming with activity. Despite no reservations you will not need to queue for hours to get in. Staff will take your name and number, recommend a pub round the corner and call you when a table is available. Civilised.

So down to it. You are given three options on arrival, burger with cheese and bacon, whole lobster (large or small...we chose large of course), or my favourite, a lobster roll in Japanese style dressing served in a brioche bun. There being three of us we ordered all 3 to share everything. Our waitress kindly had everything divided up for us with out us asking. We were given plastic bibs and special lobster implements and had a laugh trying to prod out every last bit of flesh. Much is made of having a posh burger in London these days, and despite not being the worlds biggest meat fan, I have to say it was absolutely to die for. No grease or grisle. Food is served on wide platters on white paper sheets so automatically takes on an enticing informal vibe. The side salad acts as a great cut through for all the heavy duty eating you are undertaking.

The drinks menu is a triumph in itself. The mixologists stand behind a lengthy bar (which you can also dine at). They don the same attire as the waiting staff - crisp whites with black aprons. Alongside your average mojitos sit cocktails for the more adventorous. Think gin muddled with rhubarb, soda and egg white. For the sake of the review (ahem) I also tried the white wine, which arrived cool and crisp and continued to be poured for us. The cocktails are split into two categories, ones to suit burgers, the other lobsters. Attention to flavour pairings and quality are the antithesis of this place.

Meal for 3 with drinks and service comes to around £130 quid. (Great for meals with friends or a date venue for those who don't mind getting messy. Be aware that larger groups will take longer to be seated.)

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