Saturday, 29 December 2012

Shoulder of Mutton - Middleton Tyas, Richmond

It's no secret that pubs are disappearing. With them goes an essential thread in the fabric of British life. The press recently reported that the coffee shop business is booming but past 5pm where are the British public going? To snuffle 2-4-1 syrupy energy drinks polluted with value vodka in their nearby Wetherspoons? To drink tins of lager in front of the telly? What a sad state of affairs. Down tools one and all and consider the joy of heading to the pub right now. The crisp, cold pint. The hospitality. The pleasure of not clearing up. The humble pub is a social hub.

Located in Yorkshire, the Shoulder of Mutton is a wonderful example of this. The patrons and lifeblood of the pub are married couple Fran and Kevin. They hosted 70 covers on Christmas Day itself. This is a testament to them turning their establishment into a home from home. Against all the odds, they seem to be riding the wave of success owing to their village following. Ramblers exploring the fields and lanes of Yorkshires countryside would be blessed to quench their thirst and refuel here.

Myself and my fellow diners had steak and ale pie & chips, fish and chips, liver and bacon, moules frites....all served in proper portions, all equally delicious. The food is the work of head chef Simon Edwards who stocks his kitchen with local produce. Located in a beautiful village, just a short nip from the A1, why would anyone stop at a Welcome break when hearty, proper grub is on offer?

 Rebuke the chain establishments and habits of new and revive British traditional pub going.

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