Saturday, 8 September 2012

Salt, Covent Garden - A review

In the west end, where do thespian's go for their daily coffee kick? To mull over their lines or commiserate over a failed audition? Any actor worth their salt (terrible joke, had to be done) surely prefers the laid back ease of Salt in Covent Garden. Salt is a bespoke coffee house hidden beside a lurid looking Indian restaurant. To give you an idea of the feel of it, think scrubbed, bare wooden slabs for surfaces, stark in contrast to the white washed walls. The furniture is from East London Furniture, who create furniture from the building industries offcuts. Imagine soft lighting and a chilled soundtrack. The guy serving suggests one of the most sumptuous cakes and goodies to accompany your drink. As I went during one of the freak summer days we had, I opted for peach iced tea and shared a grilled slice of banana bread (a real revelation to me) and a green tea brownie. A word on the brownie, as a tea fanatic I was interested to see if this green and black delicacy would miss the mark or make me dream of coming back for another. Needless to say I felt the latter.

Salt has a very 'stick it to the man' anti Starbucks chain vibe, which I happen to love. A pat on the back to anyone who sets up a coffee house in Central with a vision a stones throw away from an area Pret looks like it's thrown up on. I don't know about you but I hate the way Starbucks writes your name (wrong 99.9% of the time) on your cup. No doubt some big wig marketing exec thought he would dupe the British public into believing they were receiving personal service. No amount of cup writing can truly make up for the delight of having a proper coffee and a cake recommended to you at Salt. I'm not getting on my soap box here but Salt  have rolled up their passion for all things good by sourcing everything from British producers. The coffee's from Bethnal Green Square Mile roasters; the milk from The Ladies Organic Dairy. Oh and did I mention they do savoury bites as well?Even if you are not a coffee aficionado, Salt is definitely worth a venture on a lazy Sunday.

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