Friday, 3 August 2012

Salt Yard Group & The Nomad

You bite into the crisp, bread crumb coating of soft salted cod beneath. From where you are sat, the scent of  fresh hot dogs meets your nose. As your companion tempts you with patatas fritas, your mouth waters. Cinnamon and lemon popcorn rustles in boxes. Sorely tempted by the thought of caramelized onions, mustard alioli and romesco sauce slathered on that sausage, you are finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate. You shift in your seat as the film begins...

This is not 50 Shades of Food, this is cinematic opulence. The Nomad cinema serves up visual ecstasy alongside dollops of fine food from the Salt Yard Group. Over this summer, the roving cinema group will show themed cinema night across London. Films include classics like The Shining which will be screened at Brompton Cemetery in an eerie nocturnal setting. If you aren't into scaring the crap out of yourself for the kicks, like myself, then try a screening of Casablanca at Fulham Palace or Top Gun at Roundwood Park.

Nothing could be further away from the commercial cinematic experience than this. Eating the gourmet cinema fare devised by Salt Yard Group executive chef Ben Tish is merely the icing on the cake. I was lucky enough to sample this menu at Dehesa, Tish's darkly inviting tapas bar in Soho. As a restaurant, I'd recommend Dehesa as the perfect setting for intimate conversation and sharing food. As for the quality of the food...I think I've said enough.

The Nomad events are run by the Lexi cinema, where all proceeds go to the Lynedoch eco village just outside of Cape Town. Keen to know more about this inspirational project? Watch the video below.

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