Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pure, Beak St - A review

Lunch in London can be a boring, busy and expensive affair. My biggest problem with it is lack of choice. For most of us it will be a trip to a chain sandwich bar, sushi place or local supermarket. These are places that can cause a serious hole in your wallet and are designed for you to nip in and out. I know we are all very busy and important and we are constantly beguiled about what we eat. How many calories we are intaking, how full of salt and other 'nasties' that All Day Breakfast sandwich is; no one wants a dose of guilt on their lunch break. I save my guilt for afternoon tea and cake (or in today's case banana bread and a cappuccino).

Pure is a place to chow down, guilt free. The concept is realistic to the average London working day. Open 8am til 4pm, you can pop in and grab your morning coffee on the way in and pop back to pick up your lunch. You might be thinking you can do that anywhere but here is the catch. You can leave your conscience at the door. The concept is based around healthy fast food. There is a salad bar where skilled staff speedily whip up a box of delight to your specification, or boxed salads to take from the shelf. I had the 'Celebrity Skin' salad box - hot smoked salmon, avocado, cashew nuts, cucumber, tomatoes and salad leaves. You choose your own salad dressing. Try Pomegranate and White Balsamic.The best thing I found about it was that it tasted like I could have put it together myself. That for me is a big thing, as I despise the gloopy, heavy sauces that drench supermarket salads. It made me just feel good about myself to eat it, even though I did pair it with a coke. Well, you can't be virtuous all the time. For those requiring a little more sustenance, there are flat breads and another hot counter for winter. Hot choices include toasties, noodle pots, and hot boxes where you can choose a meat or veg option on a bed of brown rice. The food is seasonal, and incredibly moreish. To see for yourself, there are branches in Soho & Goodge St.

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