Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ich liebe Bavarian Beerhouse - A Review

On the menu tonight ladies and gents:
2 pints of beer in a glass tankard
Spiced cheese with a pretzel for dipping
White asparagus with new potatoes

First and foremost the Bavarian Beerhouse is not the place you would go for a romantic meal. It is loud, boisterous and more suited to city types having a beer or 10 on a Thursday. Suffice to say the ample bosoms of the waitresses keep the testosterone flowing. This is authentic Bavarian Oktoberfest meets Hooters.

All the staff speak German and wear traditional dress of dirndls and lederhosen. Patrons swig imported beers from gargantuan flagons, seated on wooden benches. Looking for a place to host a stag do? Look no further, as you can invite 350 of your nearest and dearest to their Towerhill or Old Street basement bars. Oh and they do a famous 'Jager-train'. I'm not going to explain this. It is something of a rite of passage.

If you are going to order food, I would suggest you stick to fried goods, like the schnitzel and chips. Big portions, for the biggest of appetites are ideal for soaking up the booze. I didn't take to seasonal white asparagus as it was doused in oil and rather stringy. The sausage platters are great.

All said and done, the atmosphere is second to none. This is not just a boys only club, there were plenty of women about enjoying a drink including myself. I would liken the choice and quality of beer to that of Belgo's Belgian restaurant. Touches like the Ompah Band strolling about the tables are solely unique to the Beerhouse however. The Bavarian Beerhouse is a place famed for its screenings of big sporting events. Odds are they are booked for the Euros already, but it is certainly worth calling up to find out. If you are looking for some Oktoberfest charm in London, look no further.

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