Friday, 1 June 2012

Field Day Festival - A Preview/An Alternative Jubilee

If an alien landed in London this weekend, there is no doubt he would find humans to be a very peculiar sort of life form. For one, he would marvel at us adorning ourselves and our abodes with flags. How many products is it possible to plaster the Union Jack on? He would wonder as we sang God Save the Queen, a song about a marvelously prim elderly lady, who’s face we carry in our pockets every day. Jubilee Fever does wonders for the spirits of a nation in an economic downturn doesn't it? There’s nothing more that Brits love than a knees up, booze flowing. In light of all this, there’s a chance that other great events might slip under the radar and so, good people, I nudge you gently in the direction of Field Day Festival. 

If you wear your Barbour on the tube rather than at the fox hunt then this is undoubtedly your cup of English Breakfast Tea. Here reside the folk who wear glasses with no prescription, where ladies drink warm canned cider. Now in its fifth year, Field Day is a glorious celebration of alternative music. Describing itself as bold, daring, innovative and imaginative, the festival returns to London this Saturday June 2nd. 20,000 revelers will flock to eat organic hummus and with hope in their hearts (could it be your year to win the egg and spoon race?)  

The crux of it is, this is a serious festival for serious music fanatics. Highlights of this years line up include Rustie and Zomby, lest us not forget SBTRKT nor Julio Bashmore. Beats will be minimal, sound systems will be superb. Tents will sway crowds with trembling basslines. If the word Zomby conjures only the resurrected dead, buy a ticket as you cannot be disappointed by the musical exploration awaiting you. In a tough market place flooded with the likes of Pitbull and Rihanna, Field Day goes off kilter and does a blooming good job of it. Oh and fear not Jubilee lovers, games such as ‘Get the Lead on the Corgi’ and ‘Sovereign Throwing’ are almost obligatory.

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