Friday, 11 May 2012

Bangkok Bay - A Review

Drenched, we dashed through the doorway of this little restaurant in Battersea and shook off our brollies. When inside, it was as though we had just run in from the rainy season in Thailand. The the place was adorned in Thai memorabilia, complete with a wall size night scape poster of Bangkok.

Though we were the only diners in the restaurant, it later filled with couples and friends meeting for dinner. Having lived with a family in southern Thailand last year, I am pretty stringent about Thai food and it's authenticity. The menu hit the mark, by keeping it simple as you would find on a Bangkok street corner.

Indeed, we kick started the evening ordering Sangsom rum on the rocks. We were used to drinking 50cl with a can of coke out of a bucket, so it was a lip-curling shock to be reminded of it's true taste. Let's just say it's an acquired one.

Just a select few choices of noodle, rice or curry dishes on offer, I went for cashew chicken for main. I ordered the thai platter for two to start, complete with my favourite chicken satay, and spring rolls. The food was fresh, with a clean taste - no greasy, lurid orange sauces here. We were left feeling pleasantly full and content.

A little secret now for you, Bangkok Bay is BYOB. This was a meal destined to turn into a night in the Clapham Grand, with dessert being chips in pitta at 3am. For all those with restraint, BYOB is a great idea and a dying breed in notoriously over priced London. But where better to go eat in these penny pinching times than a place with a decent main for around 6 quid and where all your drinks bill amounts to is a corkage fee. For those not of the BYOB disposition, Chang beers are buy 2 get one free. I'll drink to that.

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