Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sausage and butter bean cassoulet with cous cous

x1 tin of chopped tomatoes
x1 tin of butter beans
x1 red onion
x2 cloves of garlic
x1 pepper
x1tsp of harrisa paste
x1tsp sugar
x1 pack of chipolatas
Salt and pepper to taste

x1 lemon
x1 bunch fresh coriander
x1 pomegranate
275g couscous
100g feta cheese
1 knob of butter

1) Sweat chopped red onion, crushed garlic and harrisa paste in a pan with a slug of olive oil. Turn the heat up and add the chopped pepper.
2) Add the chopped tomatoes and butter beans, turn the heat down. Add salt and pepper to taste and a teaspoon of sugar. Put the lid on the pan and leave to simmer for 10 minutes.
3) Preheat the grill and cook sausages for 10-12 minutes, while the sauce is cooking, turning as necessary.
4) Boil the kettle, add hot water and butter to the cous cous and leave until absorbed.
5) Chop the coriander, crumble the feta and scoop the flesh from the pomegranate. Add all three to the cous cous. Grate the lemon zest and add the juice of the lemon and the zest to the cous cous.
6) To serve, add the sausage to the sauce and plate up with a heap of cous cous.

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